CasesMed Research Journal

Author Guidelines

We request authors submitting their manuscript towards our Journal can follow some specifications so that the process will not be delayed.

 Authors are requested to submit the manuscript in Microsoft word format.

Documents need to presented in the submitted manuscript

  • Cover letter
  • Text part
  • Reference section
  • Tables (if they are present)
  • Figures(If they are present)

Article should be written in single column format with Times new roman font style.

 Please keep the text as simple as possible.

 Equations and formulae should be in Math type.

All the figures provided should be of high resolution, JPG will be preferable.

 References Fomat:

Eg:  Author1, et al. Title. Short name. Volume; page numbers.


Preparation guidelines

Before the submission, please check with the check list

  1. 1. Cover letter
  2. 2. Title
  3. 3. Author names and Affiliations
  4. 4. Abstract and Keywords
  5. 5. Abbreviations
  6. 6. Introduction
  7. 7. Appropriate Headings
  8. 8. Discussion
  9. 9. Conclusion
  10. 10.Acknowledgements (If Any)
  11. 11.References


Types of manuscripts

Original articles:

  • Word Limit ~ 5000 words
  • Abstract ~ 500 words

If additional space is needed, then use supplemental content.

Headings include, abstract, objectives, methods, results, discussion, limitations, and conclusion. There should be a structured abstract with the limit of 500 words or less.


Review articles

  • Word Limit ~ 6000 words
  • Abstract ~ 500 words


We consider general reviews that summarize the current understandings, a research on a topic, integrating recent advances with accepted principles and practice.


Case reports & case series

Should have new clinical phenomena, novel treatment approaches, need to provide preliminary documentation of treatment efficacy; promote evidence-based practice.

Case reports headings: Introduction (explaining the importance of the case), Case Description (providing all relevant information), and Conclusions (describing the detailed outcome of the report). Article should be limited to 3000 words.





  • Word Limit ~ 2000 words


Discussions of current research topics, Commentaries are short, narrowly focused articles that are usually by authors upon invitation from editorial office. Unsolicited commentaries are also considered.


Brief reports

  • Word Limit ~ 3000 words
  • Abstract ~ 500 words

They are short versions of clinical studies.



  • Word Limit ~ 2000 words

Patient care

  • Word Limit ~ 3000 words

Practice based tools, procedures, algorithms that are used to help provide patient care.


Letter to the editor

We invite letters relating to, or responding to, recently published items in the journal.


Clinical trial

  • Word Limit ~ 3000 words

A structured abstract is required, and trial registration information such as name, number, and URL must be listed.



Surgical techniques

  • Word Limit ~ 3000 words


Describe innovative surgical techniques with new operative procedures or improvements in existing procedures.