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All about climate and birds

Can Climate effects on birds?

Yes, absolutely it effects. Recent researches determined that, if the climate is stable, there is a chance of accumulation of more species. How life has evolved from simple origins into millions of species is a central question in biology that remains unsolved. Advances in genomics and bioinformatics mean we now know a lot about the relationships among species and their origins, but surprisingly little is known about which environmental conditions that allows species to multiply. The results showed that genera lived-in areas that had been more climatically stable during the last thousands of years that spread one's wings to more species than the genera inhabiting more climatically variable areas. However, this si really tough to answer about the climatic stability, areas of high climatic stability are predicted to warm less than the global average. On the other hand, species from climatically stable areas may be less tolerant to new climatic conditions. So, directly or indirectly most ecosystems are dominated by the human activities, making it harder for species to adjust their geographic ranges in response to the changing climate.