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Editor Guidelines:

Editor plays a major role in review process whose decision is utmost critical in the process of editing, peer-reviewing and decision regarding publication of the article. The editor deeply examines the content of the article and expresses his/her views regarding the quality of the article and also suggests any changes to be done for the best outcome of the article.

Editor’s responsibilities
Editors are requested to express their view regarding the article is within the scope or not.         
Editors are requested to perform detailed evaluation of the manuscript and should suggest for any further modifications to be done in the article.    
After the peer review process, the content will be sent to the editor. The editor should provide the necessary changes if needed.
After all changes in the manuscript, the editor should declare his/her decision to proceed for publication of the article.  
If the article is worthy of rejection in editors choice, editors should give the comments, in which bases it was declared.
The decision of editor should not have any personal barriers.
Editors should suggest if they are busy, they couldn’t able to handle the assigned review.
Editors should maintain protection and confidentiality of the content. 


Submission policy
A submitted manuscript must be an original contribution not previously published.
Submit manuscripts electronically through the online submission system and send directly to editorial office.
Online submission system: Click here
Submit manuscript via email: 
For any queries regarding the publication and correction please mail us at: 
You can submit your manuscript along with cover letter. The manuscript file including text, tables, figures, references, and supplementary documents can be submitted in Word (.doc), Rich Text Format (.rtf) or PDF formats. Graphic formats: EPS; BMP; JPG; TIFF; GIF or PDF. Tables should be submitted as MS Word or PDF. You can submit one PDF file with all content. 


 Reviewer Guidelines:
1)      Confidentiality:  As a reviewer, need to maintain the content in a secure way.
2)      Constructive Evaluation: Reviewer should give his decisions or judgements, that need to be constrictive and should provide insights to author without any controversies.
3)      Impartiality & Integrity: Review decision should only depend on scientific merit. Reviewer should be state of being whole and undivided with any disturbances.
4)      Timeline and response: Reviewer should give their valuable reviews within the deadline; if any difficulty is there need to intimate to editorial office.