CasesMed Research Journal

Submission to Publication – Over view


  • 1. Manuscript submission
  • 2. Author will get acknowledgement from editorial office, regarding the submission with unique manuscript id.
  • 3. First stage of quality check, we will see the content is unique upto 70%. If it is unique, We will consider and send to Editors/Reviewers for review comments.
  • 4. If the content is not unique or plagiarized, send to author for article modification. If the modifications are not done. Article will be rejected in first stage itself.
  • 5. We follow Double blinded peer-review process.
  • 6. After receiving the review comments from Editor/Reviewers, we will sent to author for the revision.
  • 7. After receiving the revision from author, the whole revised version is sent to Editor/reviewer for his final approval.
    • .If it is approved by the Editor/reviewer, we will send for proof reading.
    • .If it is rejected by the Editor/reviewer, we will sent to author for re-revision of manuscript.
  • 8. If it is approved, proof reading is done. Galley proof will be sent to author. After confirmation of author, article will be published in online.
  • 9. If the article is sent for re-revision, then the above process will be continued till the Editor approval.
  • 10. Final version of galley proof will be updated in online, once the process completed.

Time lines

  • 1. Review comments will be sent to author within 10-12 days from the submission.
  • 2. If the author asks for time extension, then there will be delay fro few days. If not it will take nearly 10-15 days for revision.
  • 3. Review process time will be around 20-25 days.